Paul Wiggin (Stroke Play)

Jeff Stolting (Net A)

Anthony "Woody" Sartirana (Net B)

Paul Wiggin (Stroke Play)

Dillon Grant (Net A)

Todd Ricci (Net B)

Paul Wiggin (Low Gross)
Bill Duke (Net A)
Ray Zebrowski (Net B)


if you're thinking that you're not a good enough golfer to compete on our amateur golf tour you couldn't be more wrong. We are a handicapped based golf club which allows everyone a chance to compete AND WIN.

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Sunday, October 23rd

Rob Bartos (Low gross)

Homer Webb (Net A)

Nick Honahan (Net B)

why join one golf course and play that course all year round when you can play them all? public and private courses.

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Arizona's Duel in the desert

        Scottsdale, AZ - 11/30 to 12/5

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ConGrats to:

Dick Nordgren &

Paul Wiggin


Competitive GOLF TOURNAMENTS for GOLFERS of ALL Ability Levels.

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Paul Wiggin (Stroke Play)

John Whittaker (Net A)

Dick Nordgren (Net B)